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Elmwood Commercial District is located on College Avenue in Berkeley. In this charming historic neighborhood you wil find over 80 businesses, from
fine gourmet foods and outdoor cafes plus many shops offering clothing, jewelry, books, eyeware, and personal services including insurance, attorneys, realtors, copying and shipping.

Most stores are independent businesses and owner-operated which contributes to the personal service that you'll receive while shopping in the Elmwood.

Free 2-hour parking is available in the neighborhood's streets. Metered parking is available on College Avenue and in the City parking lot on the west side of College Avenue behind the businesses.

The City lot is accessible only from College & Russell. A walk way near the south end of the City lot, where the flower stand is located, leads to College Avenue. Turn right, and you are 20 feet away from Your Basic Bird's front door.


In our ongoing effort to help the environment we accept clean newsprint (no advertising slicks or magazines) for the bottoms of our cages. We also accept clean plastic bags with handles.
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We have been fortunate over the past 28 years . . . to work with many highly motivated and dedicated employees. It makes us feel older but we are always excited to see or hear from those who worked for us. What ever happened to Chris, “the fastest scoop in the west”?

The teens that we knew 20 years ago are adults with children of their own. Ironically, they can't remember what years they worked at Your Basic Bird but they can tell you the names and personalities of the birds they handled and cared for. Caring for these cherished birds taught them commitment, responsibility, and lots of patience. The help and hard work of many people have made Your Basic Bird the Berkeley icon that it is.

We look forward to celebrating our 30th Anniversary with many of you in a couple years. We want to thank our customers for their many years of support. Be sure to get on our email list for the latest information.

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Coming soon, on Facebook: photos of our loving, caring, cherished staff, past and present, and how people are connected to each other through Your Basic Bird. My brother-in-law, Don, said in Washington D.C, he stood in line next to a person who was wearing a Your Basic Bird t-shirt. In Hawaii, about 10 years ago, the young woman checking us in at the hostel said,” Hi Claudia, I bought my cockatiel from you several years ago.”

Directions to
Your Basic Bird
2940 College Avenue., Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 841-7617